Real Plastic Chain For Toy Horses!!!

Now you can have the only real plastic chain dressage arena for toy and collector horses!

Using our years of experience designing and building arenas for show and home, Silk Tree now makes plastic chain arenas for your toy and model horses Real plastic chain and real arena letters just like the big guys use. Only we have sized it all for your toy horses! Assembled and 'ready to ride'. Available in both large (12 letter) and small (8 letter) arena sizes. Both make excellent table top training aids for learning tests at home.

Our customers write . . . .

"I couldn't find any toy dressage arena with 12 letters in a world (seriously) except yours..."

Yuki O.


Part Number Description  
199 12 Letter 'Large' Arena 23.50 each
200 8 Letter 'Small' Arena 19.45 each

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