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for riding and driving dressage.

Designed to layout riding or driving dressage arenas, The Tool can be used by one person to easily and perfectly layout an arena any where it is needed. It eliminates the need for tedious and time-consuming squaring of corners and re-measuring to locate the letters for the large or small arena.

The Tool is made to last for a life time; it comes with complete instructions for both large and small arenas, plastic layout pins and its own sturdy carrying bag.

If you ever have to layout more than one arena, The Tool is a welcome assistant.

Part Number Description  
300 Riding Arena Tool, 20x40 & 20x60 meter 224.50
301 Driving Arena Tool, 40x80 & 40x100 meter 248.25

Our customers write . . . .

"Just wanted to let you know, hubby and I reset the ring in about 20 minutes with the Tool, which was about 1/3 of the time it took without it (and much more accurate)!  

Thanks again--you have a great product!"


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Tape Measurers...

Meters on one side, feet/inches on the other High visability reel
Open reel design for easy cleaning Fiberglass tape
Heavy duty molded reels for durability Singlehander peg included
  • 30 meter (100ft) - Handy for course layout and construction.
  • 60 meter (200ft) - Handy for riding dressage arena layout, course layout and general construction.
  • 90 meter (300ft) - Long enough for any job
Part Number Description  
310 30 meter Singlehander (100ft) 20.00 each
312 60 meter Singlehander (200ft) 25.00 each
316 90 meter Singlehander (300ft) 35.00 each


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