The Cure For Sagging Woven Wire Fences!

Fence Tweaker

TWEAKER makes it quick and easy to take the sag out of wire fences. The TWEAKER handles most barbed, woven, clothesline and vineyard trellis wire. It is easy on old wire with its large diameter pins and gentle bends. Old fashioned fence tools are hard to handle and awkward to use. TWEAKER is designed to give any sized person maximum leverage; wether right or left-handed, this tool works in any direction.

With solid, one-piece construction and comfort grips, this tool is easy on hands with nothing to adjust. You use your arms, not your wrists to "tweak" the sag from wire fencing in one smooth, easy motion. Work from any direction, inside or outside the fence, left or right, up or down. Use just a easy turn to tweak each strand of wire as necessary. You can work easier and tweak so much more.

Part Number Description  
601 Fence Tweaker 15.55 each