No more frozen buckets - No more thirsty horses....

The only answer for safe ice-free drinking water for your horses and other animals 24 hours a day, proven at -15F(-26C) and below!

Freeze Free Bucket Heaters

Proven in use for over 20 years Freeze Free Bucket Heaters are the safe heaters that mount outside of your bucket, not in the water. You can end the problems of frozen buckets forever and give your animals safe drinkable water 24 hours a day. This is especially important for very young horses and older horses.

The soft, flexible silicone heater attaches to the outside of your bucket in the back so there is nothing to see or chew on and nothing electric in the water. Drill a hole in the wall of your stall behind the bucket, run the cord through the wall and plug into a standard 120 volt outlet. Hang the bucket as you normally do. It's that easy.

Designed to be left plugged in 24 hours a day but not overheat the water or melt the bucket if it's empty. Simple instructions are supplied.

Attaches to the back of most buckets.

  • Nothing electric in the water Nothing to see or chew on Does not interfere with your normal bucket cleaning routine Can be moved from bucket to bucket No moving parts to go bad Safe even if the bucket is dry Safe, drinkable water 24 hours a day 50,000 hour life expectancy on the heater core No special buckets are needed
  • No need to buy new buckets

Got a special application or questions? Give us a call at 800-297-7455 we have customers using our heaters in lots of interesting ways and for lots of interesting animals.

Our customers write . . . .

"Just a quick note to let you know how great these heaters have been for me and my horses this past winter.

You have made this a much easier winter for me - mentally and physically."

Sally M.

"Thank you so much for getting the additional heaters to me so fast! We have gotten great service out of the others."


"Just to let you know how much healthier and happier my dog, cats and the chickens are since I started using the heaters."

Janet M.


Nothing for your horse to see or chew on.
Part Number Description  
710 Freeze Free Bucket Heater for plastic buckets 35w 25.00 each
715 Mid-range Freeze Free Bucket Heater 60w 25.00 each
720 Freeze Free Bucket Heater for rubber buckets 90w 25.00 each

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