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CAVALETTI (Italian) meaning ground bars or rails standing firm on low stands. Schooling over cavalletti is important for both horse and rider. Using cavaletti you can work at the walk, trot or canter without worrying about plain poles and rails that move very easily when touched and can be dangerous as they roll away.

Silk Tree's traditional style cavaletti are designed not to roll or slide around and they are built solid so that the horse will respect them. The design allows for adjustment to three different heights for use at all gaits. Traditional style cavaletti can also be stacked for jump schooling. The more you have the more things you can do with them.

We have taken the traditional design and used modern materials to give you the very best training aid. The white UV stabilized poly will never need a paint brush, it can not rot and will not splinter when hit. We are using a recycled material that used to be milk bottles and you know how tough they are! The 4" x 4" rails are 8 foot long, which is best for keeping the horse going straight, thick and hard enough so that the horse respects them, they have smooth rounded edges. The 4" x 4" legs are designed to be easily adjusted to 3 heights and yet they will not slide or roll away when hit or stepped on.  
Part Number Description  
850 Cavaletti 117.25 each
850/4 Set of 4 Cavaletti 412.50set

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